The Adventure Activities Regulations October 2010

Dive HQ Group strives to provide a safe and enjoyable diving experience whether for the new diver learning to dive, or the experienced diver on a dive/boat trip.

Under the above act any organisation offering Dive Courses or Charters must be registered with Worksafe NZ by 1st December 2014.

All of the DIVE HQ stores across New Zealand are now Registered Adventure Activity Operators with Worksafe NZ.

In order to obtain the above we have undergone a vigorous audit process which fortunately the stores passed.

The process to obtain this registration took several months and involved preparing a generic Safety Management Plan, which includes site plans and activity plans. Some of these were made easier as the same sites are used by more than one store.

This ensures that there is consistent safety plans in place for the Dive HQ Group which will be closely monitored by the independent auditor and our own internal audit process.