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Night Diver

This has to be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable aspects of diving!

While the terrain will be the same, the inhabitants will have changed. Many of the more elusive creatures you have difficulty seeing during the day will be freely moving about after dark. The aquatic realm has its "day" life and it's "night" life too, and believe me it's a hive of activity.

Excellent macro opportunities for those budding photographers and for those who just like to watch and interact with the aquatic realm, you will witness amazing sights. Imagine watching a yellow moray eel having its teeth cleaned by a cleaner shrimp, or the inquisitive crayfish rummaging around in the open looking for tasty morsels!

Activities such as naturalist, reef diver and underwater photography also provide great opportunities when combined with diving at night. This is a lot of fun!

This course covers:

  • The planning, problems and hazards of night diving
  • Buoyancy control, navigation and communication
  • Use of dive lights and buddy system techniques
  • Disorientation and emergency procedures
  • Orientation to nocturnal aquatic life


  • PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent
  • 12 Years of age or older
  • Up to date divers medical within the 12 months

Course duration:

  • Three open water dives over 2 nights

When you concentrate all your attention on the area of your torch beam you will be surprised how much life there is to observe!

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